CNC Machining

We have experience of fabricating an array of finished machined components across a wide range of applications. Our in-house machining department sits alongside our fabrication and welding capability, enabling us to offer precision engineered components as part of our complete service.

CNC Machining

CNC Services Offered:

  • Machining of various adaptors
  • X-overs and flanges
  • Series production of in-house engineered products
  • High tolerance machining on production and custom basis of all steels, alloys and plastics, specializing in difficult parts to machine.
  • We accomplish high quality results in a fast paced, minimal-lead delivery time by utilizing Okuma CNC machine tools and using built in OSP-IGF software technology.


CNC Machining equipment:

  • OKUMA LB400/M(  Max turn 1200mm, Max dia: 360mm)
  • OKUMA LR 15  ( Max turn 600 dia, Max dia: 220mm )
  • OKUMA Multus 400 ( Milling- Max turn 1400, Max dia 600mm)
  • OKUMA (Milling) MB/66 VA (Max load: 1500kg Bord: 1530mm X660mm)


  • 600 dia. 1500mm lengths
  • 420 dia. Saw
  • Workshop Size:  516 sq meters