Fluid Control’s high pressure filter manifolds are suitable for a working pressure of 10,000 PSI (Test Pressure 15,000 PSI) for STD service. High pressure filters are used as process filters to protect individual valves or other equipment from contamination.


  • Available filter rods from 300 Micron to 1 500 Micron
  • 2″ Fig 1502 male and female inlet and outlet
  • Max flow speed 12.8 m/s and 7.5 BPM
  • Bleed off possibility with 9/16″ M.P. Autoclave
  • Optional shut off valves for fast filter changes without shutting down flow
  • Can be used with a wide variety of fluids, viscosities and volumes
  • Has two inlet ports for easier access on both sides
  • Gauges are on both sides for easier reading of differential pressure
  • Available spare filters
  • Easy installation, operation and maintenance
  • Frame and lifting arrangements are according to DNV 2.7-1
  • All iron tees, bends, plug valves and pup joints are manufactured by SPM and DNV approved


  • Unit Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.6 m x 1.1 m x 1.4 m
  • Weight: 2000kg
  • Operational Pressure: 10,000 psi
  • Test Pressure: 15,000 psi
  • Inlet: 2″ 1 502 Male
  • Outlet: 2″ 1 502 Female
  • Filters: High pressure from 500 to 1500 micron