Hose Reels

Hose Reels

The unit consists of drum equipped with swivel, hydraulic motors, winder and injector, several cabinets for hydraulic and electrical equipment, internal oil tank, hydraulic accumulators and cylinders that are built into a DNV 2.7-1 certified frame.

The hose reel has a built-in manual service pump to release the brake on the drum for servicing. The reel is also equipped with a ball dropper with connection possibility on the swivel 2″ Fig 1502 Male connection.

Max ball size 1.75″ The ball dropper can ONLY be hooked up after hose is deployed in to service and can be used as a chemical injection point.

The unit is designed and tested for environmental operation temperature between -7° C to 40° C.


  • High Performance Hose Reel to accommodate 2″ & 3″
  • Black Eagle and 4″ & 5″ SoluForce
  • Easy and secure operation
  • Low maintenance full enclosed design
  • State of the art control and hydraulic system
  • Compact small ‘footprint’ design
  • Certified to applicable standards

Safety Features


The reel will automatically have a controlled deployment of the hose through an accumulator and hydraulic motor system. When the drum has approximately one layer of hose left, the drum will automatically start an emergency braking of the drum, ensuring that the drum stops before the hose is fully deployed. This system works 100% when electrical power failure /black ship. Winder will automatically release itself for free movement, sideways back and forth. Injector and clamp will go to full opening during freewheeling. Freewheeling can be activated from both the remote control or manually on the hose reel.

Hose Cutter

For emergency hose cutting situations, the hose reel has a builtin hydraulic system for powering an external hose cutter that can be activated on the hose reel itself or by its remote control.