SoluForce RTP Hoses

SoluForce RTP Hoses

SoluForce® is the originator and technological leader in the research, development, manufacture, supply and installation of Flexible Composite Pipes (FCP, also known as Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes or RTP).

The SoluForce pipeline is completely flexible, meaning it can go round corners, up hills, down slopes, across gullies, under water and more with ease.

Being non-metallic, it is also fully corrosion resistant and quick and simple to install. Our solutions further include a corrosion-resistant fitting system that makes it easy to connect our pipe systems to existing pipeline infrastructure. We can provide certified installation engineers, plus training and support through the SoluForce Academy. And we can supply installation equipment to certified users.

SoluForce FCP systems include a full fitting solution that is specially designed for the various versions of the system:

Electrofusion Fittings

SoluForce RTP Hoses Fluid ControlThe non-metallic fittings and connectors used with the SoluForce Light, Classic and Heavy systems rely on electrofusion. Electrofusion welding of the coupling gives it strength and durability. By using a non-metallic insert, the fluid never comes into contact with metal parts, resulting in a completely metal-free pipeline system. Electrofusion requires only limited equipment and crew to create a safe connection. It’s quick and proven to be maintenance-free and durable.

Single Swage Fittings

SoluForce RTP Hoses Fluid ControlThe SoluForce Heavy system employs swaged fittings for applications up to 150 bar/ 2175 psi. For onshore high pressure applications, our single swage fitting system, with non-metallic insert, is the fitting system of choice. The single swage system is fully corrosion free and combines high strength with cost effectiveness.

Double Swage Fittings

SoluForce RTP Hoses Fluid ControlFor high performance and offshore operations, SoluForce offers the heavy duty double swaged fitting system, to be used in combination with SoluForce Heavy. This fitting system is optimised for extreme high pressures, high axial loads and dynamic operation. It’s available with Grayloc connections, but weld stub and other user-specified connections are possible.

Our solutions are comprehensive yet economic. For example, you can opt for pipes-and-fittings only, or extend this with a range of services and support. These include installation equipment for rent or purchase, and training of international and local workforces in the use of the SoluForce system. All so you can speed up installation and reduce your labour needs – safely. We can also assist you with project management and help you find the right people for your project. Or a combination of the above.