Bulk Transfer Hoses

Bulk Transfer Hoses

Fluid Control delivers the best solution for bulk-loading hoses.

High quality and reuse of parts provide high safety and economy through a long life span. We also provide easier and more affordable solutions where requirements for quality and durability are less critical. Self-developed products such as Weak-link, VLF swivel and floating hoses meet today’s requirements for safety and quality. Greater demands when it comes to environmental issues, reliability and downtime, requires continuous development of new and improved solutions.

Long experience and close cooperation with operators, as well as investment in product development has made us a market leader in the field of bulk-loading hoses. By taking into account future environmental and safety requirements when entering into contracts, we ensure a smooth and economical solution for the customer.


  • HSE Environmental Considerations.
  • Fewer emissions caused by the boat getting the hose in the propeller.
  • Flow tubing provides exceptional visibility in the water, and stable buoyancy, in contrast to conventional floating elements and beads.
  • Max 2 liters of emissions when there is a break in the break-away coupling valve.
  • Slimline design. No flanges or floating element hang-up.
  • Economy
  • Significantly less downtime.
  • Reuse of metal components.
  • Maintenance-free swivel joints and break-away couplings with 10-year warranty.
  • Certified and traceable components.