Treating Iron

Treating Iron

SPM® products are designed as an alternative to the traditional hammer union products used within the oil and gas industry. They can eliminate the safety hazard of swinging a hammer to make up and break down a connection while providing stronger, more durable connections that are less fatiguing for the user.

Available in a broad range of configurations for use in high-pressure applications, these products are built to exact specifications and meet the most rigorous quality standards from third parties such as DNV. 

SPM® treating iron is available in the following service types:

Standard Service

  • Low temp or standard temp
  • Alternative seals available for harsh services (chemicals, acids, etc.)
  • Not intended for exposure to H2S

H2S (Sour Gas) Service

  • These assemblies are manufactured from tempered alloy (HSLA) steel and are in accordance with NACE MRO175 regarding allowable hardness and alloy concentration
  • These products are suitable for use with H2S


Treating Iron Fluid Control



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