Treating Iron


SPM® robust swivels are available in 2 inch through 4 inch sizes, in pressure ratings up to 15,000 psi. All SPM® swivels feature uniform wall thickness for consistent fluid flow and extended life.

Designed for optimised material distribution for female ball race components, SPM® ball bearing connections combine strength and consistent rotation in the most severe applications. By sealing and isolating balls and races, these swivels maintain their integrity in both the working medium and external ambient conditions.

SPM® swivels are available in a variety of styles to provide optimal performance in diverse installations. Swivel rotation varies depending on configuration to provide movement in numerous planes. SPM® swivels are available as NACE compliant to offer robust performance in sour gas applications.

Swivels Fluid Control

Key Features & Benefits

  • Uniform I.D. resulting in unrestrictive flow path
  • Consistent wall thickness throughout elbow, for extended product life
  • Robust bearing design ensures load capacity meets severe application requirements
  • Balls and races are sealed and isolated from both working medium and external ambient conditions
  • NACE compliant swivels feature stainless steel bearing inserts for robust performance in sour gas applications


  • Fracking
  • Cementing
  • Well Service


  • Well completion