Treating Iron

EXL Pressure Relief Disc

Intended to be used in concert with SPM® nitrogen or spring relief valves, the SPM® EXL Pressure Relief Disc is designed to provide an additional level of protection for personnel and equipment should an overpressure event occur during completion operations.

The SPM® EXL Pressure Relief Disc features a replaceable disc, which can easily be changed on site, allowing for flexibility in pressure ratings as well as lower replacement cost. This device requires minimal maintenance and provides consistent, reliable discharge within a small tolerance band of the desired rupture rating.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Replaceable pressure relief disc provides operational flexibility and lowers total cost of ownership
  • In-line housing (MxF) easily installs on fluid ends or within treating iron lines
  • Replaceable discs available in wide range of set pressures
  • Rupture disc machined from durable, corrosion resistant material for extended life
  • Design features of the replaceable disc assist with correct orientation during installation
  • Burst test sampling on each production lot to provide performance assurance


  • Fracking
  • Well Service


  • Well completion