Treating Iron

Nitrogen Style Relief Valve

SPM® nitrogen actuated relief valves come in two versions: a backpressure relief valve and a full bore unloading valve. The SPM® EXL backpressure relief valve is the next generation in SPM’s back pressure relief valve offering. The valve features a threaded body, more compact envelope and changes to internal features that improve serviceability. This valve is able to reseat, making it possible to continue operation after the valve has vented.

Both valves come in a 3-inch size for operating pressures up to 15,000 psi.

Key Features & Benefits

SPM® EXL Relief Valve:
  • Thread body-to-bonnet engagement for increased safety factor
  • The “channeled” spider is designed to reduce turbulence in the valve and reduce potential for sand accumulation which could lead to improper sealing.
  • The channeled design better directs fluid media through the seal interface and out the discharge outlet.
  • The cylinder rod now features a secondary seal to provide additional protection from pressurized fluid bypassing the primary seals and energizing the bonnet assembly.
  • Nylon bushing supporting rod in legacy valve is replaced with a packing assembly, making installation much easier.
  • The packing assembly also provides better alignment of the rod, improving sealing during normal cycling of the valve.
Full Bore Unloading Valve:
  • Valve discharges fully open for immediate pressure relief
  • Gland style seal is more forgiving of valve chatter due to pulsations in treating line
  • Cap guards protect Nitrogen hoses from damage


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