Treating Iron

EXL Plug Valve

The SPM® EXL plug valve is designed to provide longer life and reliable sealing performance in harsh pumping operations. The design of the valve includes a robust forged body with internal geometry designed to provide long life, and an enahnced sealing design providing improved performance across low and high pressures.

First available in 3-inch 1502/15K configurations, the SPM® EXL plug valve is available with hammer union or SPM® Safety Iron® end connections, and can be equipped with a manual, gear/wheel or hydraulic actuator.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Robust forging with enhanced material specification and “true-bore” I.D.
  • Improved grease distribution and convenient access points
  • Free-floating plug design provides reliable, adjustment-free operations
  • Improved sealing design for better performance across low and high pressures


  • Fracking
  • Well Service


  • Drilling
  • Well completion