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Clapper Style SD Check Valve

SPM® clapper check valves, unlike dart style valves, are designed for fluids heavily laden with proppants, ball sealers and other solids. The threaded seat features a self-locking design to prevent coming loose during operation and is replaceable for extended product life.

The clapper comes fully coated in urethane to reduce delamination while offering consistent sealing. The enhanced hanger is machined with a flat to align within the body to prevent rotation during operation, and contains fewer components to manage and maintain.

These clapper check valves are manufactured in 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch sizes for operating pressures up to 15,000 psi. Hammer union end connections are available in standard or reverse flow. The clapper check valve should be installed with the flow direction arrow machined on the body aligned with the line’s flow direction.

Key Features & Benefits

Utilization of a Threaded Seat:
  • Self-locking design prevents seat from becoming loose during operation
  • Machined from high erosion and high corrosion resistant NACE compliant stainless steel for long life
  • Features o-ring for excellent sealing performance
  • Seat is replaceable for extended valve life
Fully Coated Clapper:
  • Clapper fully coated in urethane provides long life and decreased risk of delamination
  • Provides consistent, repeatable sealing
Enhanced Hanger:
  • Flat machined into hanger matches flat machined into body preventing rotation during operation
  • Fully enclosed hanger pin for fewer loose parts and enhanced durability


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