Treating Iron

2″ Light Weight Plug Valve

The SPM® 2″ light weight (LW) plug valve is engineered with safety in mind. The valve is designed to meet HSE lifting requirements in the North Sea while maintaining Weir’s high quality standards. The SPM® 2” LW plug valve is rated for non-shock, cold working pressures up to 15,000 psi.

2" Light Weight Plug Valve Fluid Control

This valve features nickle-plated plugs to reduce corrosive wear and an improved design to reduce seal diameter of the top access cap. Its compact body removes weight without sacrificing structural integrity. The SPM® light-weight plug valve utilizes the traditional Fig. 1502 union connection.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Nickle plated plug to reduce corrosive wear
  • Improved design to reduce the seal diameter of the top access cap
  • No changes from traditional Fig1502 union connection
  • Compact body design removes weight while not sacrificing structural integrity of the valve


  • Fracking
  • Cementing
  • Well Service


  • Well completion