FCS’ Offline Cementing Plug Containers


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FCS’ Offline Cementing Plug Containers


Feb 17, 2020 | News

Two Offline Cementing Plug Containers (Cement Head) recently left Fluid Control Service’s base in Sola on their way to Bueno Aires, Argentina.

Both units were engineered, manufactured and tested at the FCS facility in Sola Norway to our clients stringent requirements and according to ASME/ DNVGL-OS- E101 standards.

The Offline Cementing Plug Containers (CPCH) are used for launching cementing barrier plugs into the oil or gas well in order to reduce contamination on the interface between well fluid and cement. The FCS Cementing Plug Containers are manufactured as a single spool, designed to hold 3 plugs (5 or 5.5”plugs) and has an integrated back pressure valve.

The Cementing Plug Container has a SWP of 10000psi and is suitable for sour gas (H2S) application.

Each assembly has a Balanced lifting arrangement for easy installation.


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FCS' Offline Cementing Plug Containers Fluid Control

Baku Delivery

Our client contacted us on Friday afternoon with a request that required mobilisation of a single almost 0,5km length of 6ND SoluForce H-515 hose installed onto a deployment drum ~ that was the easy part as FCS carry this equipment ready for mobilisation. What was more challenging was the drum drive needed to match the equipment in destination country BAKU.

FCS' Offline Cementing Plug Containers Fluid Control

FCS delivers Hose Transfer System for TP3 Well Clean-up operation

Over that last Days FCS dedicated team have together with our client Equinor and representatives from the DeepOcean installation vessel team been busy spooling the 1,8km SoluForce hose system that is to be used for the transfer of Well Cleanup fluids between the Troll A platform and the DP2 shuttle tanker Siri Knutsen during to upcoming TP3 Well Clean-up operation.