FCS’ delivers latest Split Drum hose deployment system


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FCS’ delivers latest Split Drum hose deployment system


Nov 29, 2019 | News

Fluid Control Service (FCS)  together with our client have today successfully completed the FAT of our latest Split Drum hose deployment system.

The wireless operated hose deployment/recovery system powered by a 55kW HPU consists of a spooler unit with integrated hose drum comprising a live center with connection points for two off 600m long H 415 SoluForce hoses with WP of 277bar that are fed from a vessel based Halliburton pump spread through a full bore swivel.

The system has unique level wind with twin carriages that can be operated individually where one 600m long H 415 SoluForce hose remains on the drum as a contingency and isolated using a blind spade. (long lengths of 470m were specially manufactured at the SoluForce facility in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands and connected with Flex Joints to produce the 600m length)

The Split Drum hose deployment system is designed for Pre-commissioning or Well Service applications/operations and includes:, Spooler, integrated Chute and Cutter c/w an Accumulator to activate the cutter should the vessel experience such emergencies as a black ship or dp run off situation, split Drum containing twin 600m long H 415 SoluForce hoses. The drum is delivered complete with a with 24Te capacity lift beam, Swivel and Flex joint to connect the hoses.

The package is destined for Halliburton Eurasia in Baku, Azerbaijan where it will be installed on board a RFO vessel and utilised to perform pre commissioning (flooding/cleaning/gauging/testing and de watering) activities initially on the on Shah Deniz 2 deepwater flanks project in the Caspian sea operating in water depths of around 530m through to Q4 2021.

FCS have supplied deployment/recovery systems for over 20years, have been involved in the introduction of both Polyflex Black Eagle and Soluforce hoses to the offshore market and today remain Scandinavian agent for Parker products (including the BE range) and SoluForce hoses.

FCS would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the personnel and suppliers who have contributed to successful the completion of this project.


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FCS' delivers latest Split Drum hose deployment system Fluid Control

Baku Delivery

Our client contacted us on Friday afternoon with a request that required mobilisation of a single almost 0,5km length of 6ND SoluForce H-515 hose installed onto a deployment drum ~ that was the easy part as FCS carry this equipment ready for mobilisation. What was more challenging was the drum drive needed to match the equipment in destination country BAKU.

FCS' delivers latest Split Drum hose deployment system Fluid Control

FCS delivers Hose Transfer System for TP3 Well Clean-up operation

Over that last Days FCS dedicated team have together with our client Equinor and representatives from the DeepOcean installation vessel team been busy spooling the 1,8km SoluForce hose system that is to be used for the transfer of Well Cleanup fluids between the Troll A platform and the DP2 shuttle tanker Siri Knutsen during to upcoming TP3 Well Clean-up operation.