FCS Teams Up with Flexlife


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FCS Teams Up with Flexlife

May 19, 2017 | News

FCS (Fluid Control Service AS), a provider of specialized services such as inspection, rental, refurbishment, servicing, certification and repair of FlowControl equipment within Norway has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Flexlife Group.

Flexlife is specialised provider of technology, integrity, delivery, design and engineering services in subsea flowlines and risers.  Flexlife works towards serving the subsea industry offering a blend of innovation coupled with expertise across the whole life cycle. Regulatory compliance is assured throughout whilst striving to extend the operational lifespan of complex flexible pipe and subsea assets, reducing costs, optimising production and quantifying risk.  Flexlife’s objective is to help clients to maximise the safe remaining life of flexible pipe and umbilical assets using our unique products and in-depth technical knowledge of complex flexible assets to the benefit of our valued clients.

Flexlife will also be among FCS’s TECH DAY exhibitors, which will take place at Ljosheimsvegen 1 4050 Sola on June 8th 2017, commencing at 2pm. Flexlife will highlight and show case two unique products at the TECH DAY, Neptune – Utrasonic Scanning (flexible pipes scanning for flood detection) and FlexScout™- Annulus Testing (industry leading patented riser annulus testing equipment).

David Lewis, Business Development Manager of Fluid Control said: “We are more than excited to team up with Flexlife. As the leader in FlowControl products and flexible solutions in fluid transfer technology and services, we are sure the agreement will work to deepen our mutual benefit and raise exceptional standards in the industry.”

Flexlife CEO Garry Millard also noted: “As we work with clients to offer flexible product system solutions and contributing to shape the industry’s development through a combination of expertise, in-depth understanding and resourceful innovation, teaming up with FCS allows us to work with a forward-thinking company with a proven track record.”

Meet Flexlife specialists at the TECH DAY event in Sola on June 8th 2017 to get first-hand information on their products and services.

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KLAW Products in Norway!

Pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with KLAW PRODUCTS to be the exclusive distributor for Norway. KLAW Products manufactures a range of marine breakaway couplings and dry disconnect couplings that can now be serviced and refurbished in Norway by newly appointed distributor Fluid Control Service AS (FCS) based in Stavanger.


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