Fluid Control


We CARE about safety because we want to reach our ultimate goal of eliminating all personal injuries.

1) Safety principles

We CARE about Safety


Everyone who works for Fluid Control is expected to take responsibility for safety issues and deal with them proactively. Why is this important to Fluid Control? It’s our licence to operate – it’s expected of us as a service provider in the Oil and Gas sector – and it’s our moral obligation as well. Care for people is deeply rooted in our organisation. Working closely with our clients, working safely and with respect for one another and the environment. That’s how we work to achieve a healthy profit for our company. Working together proactively on safety is a natural part of that.

HSEQ Fluid Control

I take responsibility for my own health & safety and that of others

All incidents are preventable. Be fit, alert and take care of each other. Stop the work if it is considered unsafe to continue.

HSEQ Fluid Control

I am a role model and demonstrate safety leadership

Act as a professional and set an example to others. Use correct PPE for the job and keep the workplace clean and tidy.

HSEQ Fluid Control

 I am open to feedback and challenge others

Giving and receiving feedback provides you the opportunity to learn and is a valuable opportunity for the entire organisation to continuously improve and perform better. 

HSEQ Fluid Control

I adhere to the procedures, instructions and life saving rules

Make sure you are familiar with the rules, applicable laws, standards and procedures.

HSEQ Fluid Control

I report incidents, near misses and ideas for improvement

Share your observations and lessons learned to strengthen the organisation.

HSEQ Fluid Control

 I care about the Environment

Use all resources responsibly and avoid waste. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle — Its the best way to eliminate waste and protect your environment!  

2) Approvals and Certificates

General information on our certificates and approvals, please see:

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For emergencies and service, we are available at all times.
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