Surface Treatment and Coating

Surface Treatment and Coating

Fluid Control AS now has a new modern facility to address any surface preparation (sandblasting) and coating application challenge.

We have all the necessary quality control equipment like humidity, air temperature, surface temperature, Surface roughness, wet film and dray film measurement tools to meet Norsok M-501 standards.

Sand Blasting

Blast cleaning can be done in the following conditions according to requirements of NORSOK standard:
  • Relative humidity max 85%
  • Steel temperature minimum 3ºC above the dew point

Blasting abrasives (Steel grit GH25) are dry, clean and free from contaminants, in order to obtain the best performance of the coating.

After blast cleaning, the steel surface roughness is checked
  • Roughness is Ry5: 50 to 85
  • Cleanness is Sa 2 ½ acc.

Paint Application

Coating can be done in the following conditions according to requirements of NORSOK standard & product data sheet
  • Ambient temperature Minimum 10º C
  • Relative humidity Max 85%
  • Steel temperature Minimum 3º C above dew point.

For each coat and before starting spray application, one stripe coat is applied by brush on all areas not fully reachable by spray (notches / welding / angels / bolt holes), in order to obtain a uniform result and the specified thickness.

Between coats, all painted surfaces are free of contamination. The wet film thickness (WFT) is checked with a wet film paint gauge. The dry film thickness (DFT) of each coat is checked with a digital coating thickness gauge.

Skilled Blast cleaning & painting personnel are responsible (self-control) for each step in the work/paint procedure.

Workshop size: 

  • Preparation area 200 m2
  • Sand blasting 130 m2
  • Painting 130 m
Surface Treatment and Coating
Surface Treatment and Coating
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