Hose Spool and Inspection

Hose spooling and inspection

Fluid control has an indoor facility for spooling and inspection of hoses  that are hydraulic operated with an elevated inspection platform for easy access to the hose.

The spooling unit has automatic winder for correctly positioning the hose onto the drum. All functions are operated from a wireless remote control for optimal working position for the operator.

Our drum is built for spooling of the hose under pressure for hose expansion control.  The spooling unit can handle drums of up to 6 meter diameter, drum weight of up to 20 Ton,  pull  of up to 1.5 ton and hose sizes of 1” to 6”.'

Hose Inspection

The operator visually inspects the hose assembly during every deployment and recovery.  If any of the following conditions are found, the assembly is removed from service and scheduled for inspection.

Damage to the outer cover which exposes the reinforcing wires.
Kinked, crushed or twisted hose.
Reduction in the outside diameter of the hose
Blistered, soft, degraded, or loose outer cover.
Cracked, damaged, or badly corroded fittings.

Depending on the hose type and application the inspected /repaired hose assembly will be tested according to either an ISO or API specification which require test pressures of 1.5 x maximum working pressure and hold times of at least 1 hour.

Customer will receive detailed report of the findings, recommended actions, and costs of proof testing, packaging, repair, scrapping, replacement, etc .
Hose spooling and inspection
Hose spooling and inspection
Fluid Control
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