Flowline Service Assembly

Flowline Service Hall

Fluid Control has a modern workshop for servicing, repair and recertifi cation of Iron/Chiksan of all known flowline manufacturers. We also stocks spare parts for SPM, FMC, Anson, MSI and Halliburton.

We use PM as a management system for all traceability, track costs and hours on jobs, and for selection of spare parts used in each item for correct refurbishing.

We have divided up the service hall in to various work stations:

Cleaning station with excellent ventilation and highpressure hot water jetting.
Dismantling station for disassembly of flowline equipment.
Glass blasting and grinding station equipped with a blasting cabinet for removal of rust and paint from flowline.
The assembly station has capacity for 10 mechanics to assemble flowline equipment
Overhead cranes covering all work stations for easy handling of heavy equipment

Assembly Hall (Hose Manufacturing Plant)

Fluid Control has established individual and well equipped hose assembly plants at each location. The assembly hall is consisting of three separate units handling the various programs for hoses. The personnel are trained, qualified and
certifi ed according to standards and norms.

High Pressure Plant
Hydraulic hose – Thermoplastic – Ultra high pressure / long length hose
Swaging up to 3”, interlock, swaging force 5 ton

Low Pressure Plant
All industrial rubber hose, for multi purposes – PVC and Composite hose
Machines for internal and external swaging. Crimping up to 8” hose.

Metallic Steel-hose Plant
Welding the Flexi-metallic hose assemblies. Exhaust compensators and bellows. Fittings plus x-overs and flanges.

The assembly hall provide and secure all the processes involved with the production of all the various (FHA) Flexible
Hose Assemblies. This also includes, tagging, pressure testing and final inspection.
flowline service assembly
flowline service assembly
Fluid Control
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