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PM Web portal Database:

All our rental equipment can be managed online, using our PM Web portal Database application, which provides our customers with 24-7 access to key information for flowline data collection, documentation, and certifications. Builtin planning and tracking tools identify equipment usage patterns, inspection, and repair intervals to ensure the right products are shipped to the right job in top working condition.

The PM Web portal Database is designed and managed in-house and can also be tailored to clients’ individual needs. It can be used as part of an Equipment Management Program where Fluid Control, maintains and manages customer owned assets’, location, certification and relevant documentation that are visible online. Customers are provided with individual logins, with preagreed user permission to view the registers and run reports.

Other features include:

  • Search, sort and filter on the register directly online.
  • Export results to various downloadable formats including PDF and Excel.
  • Access to a collection of Standard Reports, provide key information, quickly and reduce time spent processing data.
  • Recommend inspection/replacement
  • Produce treating iron certification, rejection reports and analyze test history

The bottom line: Customers improve safety, maximize equipment utilization, and minimize equipment maintenance costs.

During its five years of service, the on-demand support of PM Web portal database has played a key role in increasing customer standards to better reflect the needs of today’s industry.

As Fluid Control AS continues to discover new ways to utilize the data PM web portal holds, customers can only expect the capabilities of PM web portal to provide increasingly resourceful information.
PM Web portal Database
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