With more than 14 000 rental units, Fluid Control offers an extensive range of Rental equipment suitable for both Standard and Sour Gas service, with a comprehensive range of sizes and fittings. We aim to supply an efficient service at a cost-effective price.

Benefits of our rental program include eliminating the upfront cost of purchasing new iron, commissioning new iron, replacing expendable parts, the labor associated with repair, and inventory during down time. The program allows the user to focus on their primary business, ensures all iron products are in compliance, and avoids recertification costs.
All Fluid Control Rental equipment have guaranteed material traceability and in addition to this all Rental equipment is re-certified annually or as specified by customer. Every single rental item has its own certificate detailing working pressure, service, description and design temperature.

All maintenance in-house reports remain on site for audit purposes but can be copied and supplied on request or accessed via our web portal. Competitive rates are available for short or long term rentals.

Features of the program:
  • Monthly reports on rental equipment highlighting all product on rental, length of time on rental, and charges to date by part number for all product rented.
  • Daily rates, monthly rates or annual rates.
  • 24-hour / 7-day a week service.
  • Pickup and delivery service available.
  • Quick response to customer emergency requirements.
  • Fully certified iron packages available to health, safety, and environmental requirements.
  • Summary billing.
  • Large inventories or individual items.

Our rental inventory includes: 
  • Plug valves
  • Check valves
  • Cross
  • Tees
  • Flanges
  • Pup joints
  • Choke manifold 2" / 3"
  • Foam and De-foam manifolds
  • Hose reel, capacity variable 2"
  • High Pressure hoses 1" / 2"
  • Steam hose 2"
  • Squeeze manifold 2" / 3"
  • Relief valves
  • Butterfly valves
  • Loops
  • X-Overs
  • Swivel joints
  • Filter manifold 2" / 3"
  • Pulsation dampener
  • Hose reel, capacity 1200m2 2"
  • Power Packs electro/hydraulic
  • Suction hose 2" / 4"
  • Camlock hoses 2"
Asset Management:

Tracking and maintaining the volume of flowline equipment used in high-pressure pumping services is a major undertaking. Fluid Control provides asset management, a cooperative program where specially trained Fluid Control personnel inventory, track, and maintain customers’ flowline assets at their facility or in a designated Fluid Control facility. Asset management is helping customers significantly increase equipment utilization rates and service life while reducing total costs and safety concerns.

Transportation Containers (Chiksan Containers)

Fluid Control can custom design, fabricate, and recertify transportation modules to meet your specific requirements and specifications.
These modules allow you to safely and securely transport  flowline equipment to your jobsite in compliance with local requirements.
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