Vacuum Units

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Product description

The FC Vacuum units are constructed for use in cleaning operations on rig/platform or vessel.
The unit can either be permanent installed onboard or used as a temporary unit during cleaning operations (easy up/down rigging).
Due to the low noise dissipated (67db on a standard unit) the unit can be located on areas with normal personnel access/open areas with no limitation on access of personnel.

The general working principle

The vacuum is generated by the use of a Liquid ring pump, this pump type is the optimal type for generating good airflow (speed) with minimal amount of power, this pump is 6-8 times more effective compared to air driven vacuum units (venturie) hence using a lot less power than the air driven units that require huge amount of air (generated in compressors that consumes a lot of fuel/power).

The liquid ring pump will generate vacuum inside a built in vacuum tank that again are connected to the suction inlet of the vacuum unit (quick connector in container bulkhead).
All slop/slurry that is vacuum conveyed into the buffer tank will automatically be discharged by the use of the built in peristaltic pump (automatic operation based on level sensor inside the vacuum tank). This unit will enable continuous operations since the vacuum will not be paused during discharging slop from the vacuum tank compared to the pneumatic powered vacuum units (venturie) that needs to stop the vacuum during emptying the vacuum tank.
An optional blower (4" pipe/hose) can also be included, this function will enable discharging particles that are not possible to pump via the peristaltic pump, this function will automatically engage (based on the level sensor system inside the vacuum tank) if the peristaltic pump is not able to remove the accumulated slop/particles in the bottom of the vacuum tank. This option can also replace the peristaltic option and used as a primary discharge system.

The unit runs on either fresh or seawater and the used water can either be discharged via the vacuum tank or the bulkhead drain nozzle, this water is also possible to use in the built in high pressure washing system that can be included (optional), this HP unit will then use the heated water from the liquid ring pump for cleaning purpose (via the 50m hose drum included in the container bulkhead), this will again save energy since the water is already pre-heated by the liquid ring pump.

The unit is fully automatic and there is no need for operator locally on the unit, if an alarm occurs this will be presented in the built in touch display mounted on the unit (bulkhead recess), or via Z-015 rig signal connection. Optional web server connection is available that will enable remote control/monitoring of this unit either from an office or a control room via a Cat5 Ethernet connection (optional fibre optic).
The control system also include the possibility to connect remote operated switches (potential free contact/namur Eexi switches/prox sensors) that can be mounted adjacent or directly to the isolation valves on the pipe/hose system installed on the locations where vacuum suction is required. This will automatically start the vacuum unit when the vacuum is needed and the unit will automatically stop when this suction valve is closed.

Technical description
Vacuum unit

  • 10-12 foot 2.7-1 container (depending on options)
  • Weight 7,5tonn (45Kw version)
  • 45 Kw liquid ring pump (1250m3/h), optional 100Kw liquid ring pump (3000m3/h)
  • 7,5Kw peristaltic pump
  • vacuum tank
  • Water supply tank and water extraction/circulating system
  • Optional pneumatic blower
  • Optional High pressure pump unit incl heater
  • Optional MEG additive system for preservation of unit prior to storing or transport
  • Optional heated/insulated version for use in sub-zero conditions (-20 to +35°C)
  • Fully automatic control system linked to main operator station
  • Built for use in Atex zone 1 (2G)
  • Designed and built according to Norsok Z-015, DNV lifting according to 2.7-1
  • Max sound pressure level at 1m distance, 67db according to ISO 3746:2010

Vacuum unit capacity

  • 1250m3/h airflow @ 100mbara
  • 450liter/min discharge pump/blower
  • High pressure hot water unit, 25l/min @ 300bar, 32Kw heater
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