Slop Holding Tank

slop holding tank

Product description

Slop holding tank is a 20m3 tank built into a 20' 2.7-1 container, this tank is used as a buffer tank for all slop to be treated in ceramic filter unit

The general working principle

The slop tank will receive slop from both the cleaning system and other locations on the vessel where slop is created and need filtration prior to discharge to sea.

The unit is fitted with a circulation pump for circulating/grinding and charge to either filtration unit or disposal of the slop when this exceeds 1,5SG, pump will pump from the bottom of the tank when disposal sequence are initiated (based on level and SG), and when the pump is lined for charging to the ceramic filter unit the inlet to the pump will automatically change to a suction outlet higher up in the tank to avoid pulling the heavy sludge in the bottom of the tank in to the filter unit.

When the pump is charging to the filter unit a self-cleaning strainer will filtrate particles >1000micron, backwash from this strainer will be routed back to the holding tank and discharged during "disposal" sequence.
Tank is fitted with both a radar level sensor and a High High level switch for control/monitoring of level and HIHI safety switch to avoid overflow in case of failure in the radar sensor.

Technical description
Slop tank container

  • 20 foot container
  • Approx. 16.000Kg MGW
  • 25Kw 4x3x13 circulation pump incl wolfram carbide impeller.
  • DNV 2.7-1 Atex zone 2
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Density sensor
  • Level sensor and overfilling switch
  • 4" supply lines (3 levels in tank)
  • 3" discharge/circulation
  • 3" Back wash strainer2" connection for recival of chemical (lime) if needed, see Technical exception
  • Remote controlled from main control system


Slop unit capacity

  • 20m3 slop capacity 60m3/hour at 5bar pressure
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