Pit Cleaner System


Technical description
Manipulator arm assembly 

  • Titan 4 manipulator arm incl. Atex zone 1 system
  • Camera/light fixture mounted on the tip of the arm
  • High pressure nozzle assy. Mounted on the tip of the arm
  • Transport and rigging frame/garage for safe and easy handling/rigging.
  • Internal hoist device for lowering and hoisting the arm in/out of the pit
  • Mounting bracket incl quick release coupling for liquid supply and electrical control system.
  • A 3micron filter is also mounted on the supply line to ensure that no particles will enter the Titan 4 arm (filter included an indicator for the operator to see the status for this filter), since rigging the arm includes connection of quick release coupling the danger is that particles can follow this operation and damage the arm, there is also an additional filter inside the arm for extra safety, this in addition to filters on the HPU (power and return) will eliminate the danger of harming the pilot valves and the bearings inside the Titan 4 manipulator arm. 
  • The above mentioned assy to be moved with trolley system (not included in this bid), in addition wheels are included for moving the assembly without trolley system (in the shaker and reserve pit area).
  • A hydraulic pump unit is also included for the pit cleaner in the reserve pit area, this to avoid any backpressure in the return line.


  • 120L/min @ 400bars (max 40 bars with soap)
  • 10-12 meters range from assembly hatch (diameter)Water, base oil or low pressure soap can dispersed by the nozzle
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