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Fluid Control is pleased to announce the signing of an Exclusive Agency and Distributorship agreement with SoluForce to represent their products in Norway

Rogaland, Norway: Fluid Control Service (FCS) has just delivered its first SoluForce hose as agent/distributor for SoluForce products. The delivery comprised a single length of SoluForce M480 pipe, 395m long and was quite an achievement for both FCS and Soluforce due to the short delivery time (approx. 10 days from client’s placement of PO).

The product was inspected and prepared with electrofusion fittings by the SoluForce team in Enkhuizen, Netherlands, before being collected and transported by Logitrans. It was delivered within schedule to our client, a major supplier of Mechanical Completion/Commissioning services both to the onshore and offshore industry. 

This pipe is destined for an offshore operation on-board a DSV in the UK sector of the North Sea, where it will be used to transfer pressurised nitrogen gas from the vessel deck to a subsea structure for a pipeline dewatering operation.

SoluForce is a reinforced thermoplastic hose manufactured in Holland, frequently used in operations in the Norwegian offshore sector. SoluForce is manufactured by Pipelife Nederland BV, a sister company to Pipelife Norway AS, Norway's largest producer and supplier of plastic pipe systems.

SoluForce pipe systems come in three versions: Classic, Light and Heavy, and are developed to move liquids and gases (including hydrocarbons) from point A to point B, both onshore and offshore, in some of the toughest environments on Earth. They are implemented in the oil and gas industry, amongst others, as pipelines, flow lines, water injection lines and effluent pipelines.

The SoluForce pipe system is completely non-metallic, meaning it can go round corners, up hills, down slopes, across gullies, under water and more with ease. It is also fully corrosion resistant and quick and simple to install. SoluForce Classic is designed for medium to high-pressure fluid transportation and is resistant to all chemicals involved in water injection, as well as in extreme sour applications. SoluForce Light shares the same properties but is designed for low to medium-pressure operations. SoluForce Heavy is specially developed for very high-pressure (saline) water injection and provides an excellent, flexible solution for high-pressure water transportation.

In addition to our conventional high-performance pipes, SoluForce also offer Gas Tight (GT) versions of SoluForce Classic and High Temperature versions (HT) of SoluForce Heavy. These special extensions to our portfolio are new to our programme.

FCS agreement with SoluForce now allows them to present the low-medium pressure product to the Norwegian sector for the sale of the product, maintenance or repair.  Announcing the agreement, FCS’ Sales and Business Development Manager, David Lewis observed that, “SoluForce blends well with FCS' flexible-solutions approach in the management of client assets / equipment and will complement our Subsea deployment systems (reels)”.

About FCS:

Fluid Control Service AS (FCS) is a leading Norwegian service provider of flow control products, custom-built high-pressure systems, and fabrication services for the oil and gas industry. FCS deliver flexible solutions for the management of fluid control equipment, hose maintenance, and new product sales. 

For further information, please contact David Lewis -  Sales and Business Development Manager.


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