Organizational Changes to Boost Competitiveness and Value Creation


To streamline processes that will improve efficiency, Fluid Control, organizes it’s operations into two business units; ‘Flowline’ and ‘Hoses & Couplings’.

The business unit ‘Flowline’ includes sales, rental, services and manufacturing of high/low pressure flowline equipment and modules. The business unit ”Hoses and Couplings” includes sales, services and manufacturing of all types of hoses and couplings.

With the new changes, Fluid Control will be more strategically aligned, have a narrower focus and deeper synergies to strengthen its leading position in the ‘Flowline’ and ‘Hoses & Coupling’ market. These business units, which have had significant operational, technological and commercial differences, will now have greater strategic freedom to develop individually through organic growth.

New Management 

Per Mauritzen, former Chief Technical Officer at Fluid Control, will head the ‘Flowline’ Business Unit. Raymond Smebye, former Operational Service Director, will head the Hoses and Couplings Business Unit. Geir Olav Farstad will remain CEO of Fluid Control.

"While I will continue to play an active role as CEO, it is time for new leadership to take these business units forward," Geir Olav said. "Per has proved more than capable in managing our production and technology division and will provide inspired leadership as the new Fluid Control organization builds on its success in the continental shelf markets. Raymond has long experience within Fluid Control and is excellent at developing operational units and pushing them toward their full potential. I look forward to working closely with Per and Raymond to unlock the great values in both business units."


The new organization will be streamlined to focus on the growing topside and subsea markets and in areas with operational, commercial and strategic similarities. There will be a swifter realization of synergies as the ‘Flowline’ and ‘Hoses & Coupling’ divisions share the same customers. The company will have a simpler strategy focused on value creation through organic growth and operational excellence.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Mauritzen, Mr. Smebye or Mr. Farstad.

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