Active Services AS. merges with Fluid Control AS.


Active Service AS. and Fluid Control AS. merged and will take the name Fluid Control AS from 01.01.2011. At the same time their other subsidiaries merged with parent company, Fluid Control AS.

The combined service company, Fluid Control AS., will deliver high pressure equipment, hoses, fittings and related modules for the oil and gas industry and other offshore players. With around 150 employees, the company will be able to offer a wider product range and take a greater responsibility in relation to deliveries.
New Fluid Control AS. will have the expertise and resources to develope and expand our product line. At the same time, we will focus on continuous development with customers and partners. We confirm that all contracts between Active Service AS and our customers will be continued by the acquiring company in the merger, Fluid Control AS.
With the merger, the company will strengthen its presence in Bergen and Stavanger. There will also be considered expansion to other locations in Norway and to follow the Norwegian customers worldwide.
The merger will be implemented with today's parent company Fluid Control Ltd. (organization 980,248,747) as the acquiring party and will take effect from 01.01.2011. Contact persons in new Fluid Control will generally be the same. The headquarters will be in Bergen and office addresses are:
Fluid Control AS., Vågsgaten 6, Pb. Laksevåg 38, 5847 Bergen. Phone: 55 94 22 50
Fluid Control AS., Varabergveien 4, 4050 Sola. Phone: 51 64 49 50
Fluid Control AS., Ryfylkegaten 13, 4014 Stavanger. Phone: 51 53 70 70
Fluid Control AS., Bleivassvegen 71, Pb. 30, 5346 Ågotnes. Phone: 56 33 66 99
Any questions regarding the above information may be directed to the undersigned by phone (+47) 9528 5140 or our CFO, Nils Arne Slogvik (+47) 9522 4600
We look forward to continued cooperation!

Bergen 12.15.2010
Fluid Control Ltd.

Trygve Mildestveit
Managing Director

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Fluid Control
Fluid Control Service AS
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tlf.: +47 51 64 49 50
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