fruits of a conference
Fruits of a conference


(OTC ’09) After first meeting during this year’s UK2Norway conference, Norwegian company Fluid Control and Newcastle-based Wessington Cryogenics used the OTC conference in Houston to sign an exclusive co-op deal.

Under the newly signed agreement, Sola/Stavanger-based outfit Fluid Control will market and sell Wessington Cryogenics' (WC) products through their Norwegian and Danish channels. Fluid Control's Marketing Manager, Mr. Øistein Tømte and WC's Sales Manager Martin Woodhouse both see great possibilities in their new partnership deal:

- Our products are a perfect match, we don't compete in any areas, and our customer bases are pretty much identical, says Mr. Tømte, standing by the UK pavilion in this year's Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas.

Wessington Cryogenics specialize in ISO-certified nitrogen tanks, and serve a number of different industries. Their main customer base is still the oil and gas industry, where large tanks are needed for a large number of jobs on installations and ships. The two companies first met during this year's UK2Norway conference in Stavanger, put on by Oilinfo Arena and NOF Energy, and a meeting, followed by a side-by-side product comparison, led to the deal being signed in Houston this week.

Like our own

Initially, the deal is set to run for twelve months before reevaluation, but Martin Woodhouse sees no reason why it shouldn't be renewed to last a long time.

- Fluid Control won't just sell our products, but also contribute to the service part. It's good for us, as our customers often tell us they'd like to deal with third parties to avoid always dealing with the manufacturer, Woodhouse tells Oilinfo.

- We'll go out to promote WC's products like our own. The primary customer base is the same as ours; the oil and gas segment, Mr. Tømte adds.


Norwegian company Fluid Control and Newcastle-based Wessington Cryogenics have entered an exclusive agreement.
Behind, Martin Woodhouse (Wessington), from left Geir Undem, Øistein Tømte and Arve Håland (Fluid Control). In front f.l: Gill Southern (Wessington)
By: Magnus Birkenes.

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