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SPM® manufactures the most comprehensive range of high-pressure plunger pumps in the industry. Weir SPM®‘s plunger pump designs incorporate the ultimate in weight and space savings while having a reputation for dependable service even in today’s hybrid extended duty applications, such as under-balanced coiled tubing drilling.

® SPM offers intermittent duty pump models for the full range of well service applications, and extended duty plunger pump models for those oilfield and industrial applications requiring greater work periods with a small-footprint, lightweight pump.

SPM®‘s DNV Type Approved intermittent duty plunger pumps range from 250 BHP to 3500 BHP with pressure capabilities up to 20,000 psi. Premium plungers, valves, seats, packing, etc. can be configured to a variety of well service needs from mud based coiled tubing support services to hot oil, cementing, acidizing, fracturing, gravel packing, etc.

SPM®‘s durable extended duty plunger pumps range from 175 BHP to 1575 BHP. These extended duty plunger pumps are specially designed to provide durable service in extended applications one day and provide exceptional high pressure / high rate intermittent service the next. These pumps’ unique versatility in duty cycle adaptability greatly increases the range of work that can be performed and the amount of revenue than can be generated with a single pump. These pumps are designed so that the expendable parts (packing, etc.) can easily be reconfigured for mud, water, drill cutting, acid, cement, etc.

SPM® pumps are available with life cycle enhancing “auto-frettage” processing of the fluid cylinder. This very economical process adjusts for the harmful effects of cyclic stress and the stress corrosion cracking which can occur in high-pressure fluid cylinders. SPM®‘s state-of-the-art auto-frettage process results in a fluid cylinder with several times the fatigue life expectancy at a fractional increase in cost.

SPM® provides a wealth of technical data, assembly drawings and maintenance information on it’s pumps (and flow control products as well) through an interactive home page on the Internet at www.weiroilandgas.com.

Every SPM pump is tested to full power inhouse before it is delivered to the customer to ensure quality and proper performance. SPM®‘s 4500 hp test booth can run any pump up to full working power before delivery to the end user.

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