Safety Iron®

Technical data:

Safety Iron® Connection
Safety Iron® connections have a greater surface contact area for a much more stable connection compared to hammer union seals. Safety Iron® flanges are also more robust with larger sweeping radii for additional strength and vibration resistance.

Traditional Hammer Union Connection
Hammer union connections are limited to only one contact seal surface, greatly reducing the integrity of the connection Hammer unions, with their thinner wall section at vital points and higher stress areas due to the jagged grooves of the threads, are more susceptible to damage as a result of vibration or side loading.


Safety Iron® is a clamp connecting flow line system developed to replace traditional wing nut union connections. The product consists of a seal ring utilizing a soft seal and a metal-to-metal seal, an upper clamp with “captive” bolts, and a lower threaded clamp. The metal seal ring and rubber seal freely slip into the tapered flange end. Sealing is accomplished by the end crush on the rubber seal and tapered metal contact from the clamp force. The result is a superior performing connection compared to traditional hammer union connections, and a safer work environment by allowing the user to “throw away the hammer.”

Available in 1½” through 4” in pressure ratings up to 20,000 psi.
U.S. Patent No. 7,204,525

Benefits of Safety Iron® vs. Traditional Hammer Union Connections:
• Greater Safety
• Less Physically Demanding Assembly/Disassembly
• Less Injury Prone
• Less Labor Intensive & Less Expensive Reinspection
• Faster Break-down
• More Reliable Seal
• Fatigue Resistant Due to Side Loading Ability

Safety Iron Product Line:
• Swivel Joints
• Check Valves
• Plug Valves
• Relief Valves
• Integrals (Tees, Wyes, Elles, Crosses, and Crossovers)
• Pipe
• Pump Discharge Manifolds

A Safer More Reliable Connection
SPM®‘s Safety Iron® gives users the opportunity to reduce the risk of accident incidents by allowing the user to “throw away the hammer.” The durability of Safety Iron® seals has been field proven in harsh pumping environments and has maintained its sealing properties despite the effects of extreme vibration and cavitation. Not only does Safety Iron® result in a safer work environment on site, but also increases productivity as a superior performing flow line iron system compared to the traditional hammer union connections. The product line is currently available in sizes 11/2” to 4” in pressure ratings up to 20,000 psi. Nearly every flow control product manufactured by SPM® is offered with Safety Iron® connections, and DNV certification is also available. For ultimate safety on site, SPM® suggests applying Safety Iron® along with the Flow Line Safety Restraint System.

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