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SPM®’s newest product designed to increase safety on the work site is the Safety Hammer™. The Safety Hammer™ promotes a safer work environment by reducing the dangers associated with assembling hammer union connections using a sledgehammer. Safety HammerTM is a pneumatic tool designed to properly seal hammer union connections with the ease of pushing a button. The dangers of using a sledgehammer are greatly reduced as most connections on-site can be made with the Safety HammerTM.

The Safety HammerTM is an assembly composed of two main parts: high strength alloy steel adaptor and pneumatic hammer. The steel adaptor can be changed out as needed to fit different union sizes. In order for the Safety HammerTM to function as intended, SPM® recommends 29 SCFM per hammer, with an air pressure of 90 psi and 1/2” air supply hose size. The Safety HammerTM will make up and break down the hammer union depending on its orientation.

Available in 2” 1502, 3” 1502, 4” 200/206 and 4” 602/1002.

There is no other tool on the market that allows for such convenient and safe assembly of hammer union connections.

• Lightweight design that is easy to install and operate.
• Less labor intensive assembly/disassembly.
• Lower risk of injury by removing hammer from assembly process.
• Adaptor can easily be interchanged for different size wing unions.

The Safety Hammer now features an upgraded impact tool made of a harder and tougher material for improved life with extended utility, and a redesigned contact end to minimize flaring of the edge.

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