Stavanger/Sola Facilities

Our Brand new Facilities in Stavanger-Sola

  •   Total of 23.000sq.meter
  •   2300 sq.meter office space
  •   6600 sq.meter workshop space
  •   14.940 sq.meter yard space
  •   Humidity controlled storage /warehouse
  •   Offices, training rooms, conference rooms, warehouse,  outside yard, customer storage space
  •   Forklifts 1.5 tonne up to 15 tonne lifting capacity
  •   Overhead crane with 5T lifting capacity and forklift on site
  •   Fully equipped workshops for servicing/repairs of customer equipment
  •   Test facilities for refurbishment of chiksan/Hoses/modules
  •   Hydraulic hose manufacturing, testing & flushing
  •   Truck/van /Fleet 
Crane Capacity
§  2 x 5 tonne overhead cranes 
Hydrostatic Pressure Testing 
  •   Approved test Inspection facility NDT Level 3 from CB Eurocert AS.
  •   30,000psi Pressure testing facility
  •   Hose Spooling and Inspection Unit
  •   NDT technologies with computerized system
  •   Inspection, including magnetic particle Inspection (MPI)and Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI)
Service Workshop
  •   Cleaning station with excellent ventilation and high-pressure hot water jetting.
  •   Dismantling station for disassembly of flowline equipment.
  •   Glass blasting and grinding station equipped with a blasting cabinet for removal of rust and paint from flowline.
  •   The assembly station has capacity for 10 mechanics to assemble flow line equipment
  •   Overhead cranes covering all  work stations for easy handling of heavy equipment

Equipment Supply & Rental
  •   Extensive rental  stock of over 14,000 equipment
  •   Offshore Rental Transport Containers
  •   Offshore hydraulic workshop & hose manufacturing container
  •   Hydraulic flushing systems
  •   Offshore tools & equipment
  •   Hose Spooling and Inspection Unit 
Surface treatment and coating Workshop
  •   State of the art Industrial spray paint booth and oven.
  •   Sandblasting and filtering systems
  •   Extraction system for all kinds of fumes and dust
Fabrication Workshop
  •   Welding Cells
  •   Plasma Cutter
  •   Full range of welding and fabrication services of pipes, frames, machine guards, sheet metal, etc.
Machining Workshop
 CNC Machining equipment:
  •   OKUMA LB400/M(  1200mm dia, Max turn: 360mm)
  •   OKUMA LR 15  (600 dia, Max turn: 220mm )
  •   OKUMA Multus 400 ( Milling- Max turning 710mm)
  •   OKUMA (Milling) MB/66 VA (Max load: 1500kg Bord: 1530mm X660mm)           
600 dia. 1500mm lengths
420 dia. Saw
Hose Assembly Plant
  •   State of the art flexible hose assembling equipment
  •   Stand-alone Hose Management cell
  •   Computerised heavy-duty hose swaging machines
  •   Hose cutting machines with adjustable cutting speeds
  •   Welding Cells
High Pressure Plant
Hydraulic hose – Thermoplastic – Ultra high pressure / long length hose
Swaging up to 3”, interlock, swaging force 5 ton
Low Pressure Plant
All industrial rubber hose, for multi purposes – PVC and Composite hose
Machines for internal and external swaging. Crimping up to 8” hose.
Metallic Steel-hose Plant
Welding the Flexi-metallic hose assemblies. Exhaust compensators and bellows. Fittings plus x-overs and flanges.
  •   Lecture classroom with state of the art presentation hardware and software
  •   On site (onshore / offshore) training
  •   Qualified instructors

Services Available

  •   Engineering Services
  •   Certified service personnel
  •   Surveys & Inspection
  •   Replacement of parts
  •   Modifications
  •   New product sales
  •   Iron recertification/documentation.
  •   Offshore inspections of flexible units / maintenance
  •   Hire of bending/collaring machines, test equipment and hose presses
  •   Service vehicles
  •   Machining and production
  •   Courses and training
  •   Specialized products
  •   Manufacturing
  •   Supervision of installation and commissioning 
Fluid Control
Fluid Control Service AS
Ljosheimsvegen 1
4050 SOLA, Norway

tlf.: +47 51 64 49 50
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